Are Electric Panel Heaters Any Good?

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Electric Panel Heater

Are Electric Panel Heaters Any Good?

Yes, electric panel heaters are a smart choice if you choose them for the correct reasons. Like any heater, they have their specific uses and when using them for how they were intended to be used, that are a very good option.

So if you are considering replacement of an old radiator, one of the options for you to include is an electric panel heater that provides radiant heat. These heaters have plenty of safety features and are efficient and reliable to use.

At some point of time it becomes necessary to improve the heating system at home. Often, he choice is restricted to renovation of old radiators or having a central heater.

Rather than replacing one or two old radiators it is worthwhile to have a new electric panel heater that offers easy installation.

You just need to fix brackets on a wall, next to an electrical outlet, house the unit onto those, and then plug it in before you switch it on. These units heat the area thru convection, thus warming up the area quickly.

Apart from offering easy installation, these heaters are energy efficient and come with an electronic thermostat so that temperature remains stable and you won’t have to adjust the temperature all of the time.

The optional features include a twenty-four hour digital timer and a run back timer. Some may have a single-zone, pilot-wire program while others have a four-zone wall pilot wire and mains connected signaling multi-heaters programmer that allows the user to have a total control of heating system.

These are well-designed units and you may have an electric panel heater housed in a durable steel casing with temperature resistant thermoplastic components.

They hardly require any maintenance and last for a long time. These are available in different capacities ranging from 500W-.50kW to 2000W-2.0kW, enabling you to have one that suits your requirements.

A very helpful feature of an electric panel heater is its near noiseless operation, unlike the noises and whispers of old traditional radiators. These are compact sheathed units that hang on the wall and quietly heat the area.

Some of them are made splash proof with IPX4 rating, enabling their use even in wet areas like bathrooms. That means they can be housed in any room that has a power outlet.

You get these noiseless energy efficient heaters in many styles to match the décor of any room. One such style is akin to traditional radiator styling but has subtler curves in a white finish with smooth modern looks.

Then, there is another model with an elegant glass finish on the front and offers a choice of black or white color. Its sophisticated looks make it suitable for many room styles.

In due course, any heating system would need to be upgraded or replaced. An energy efficient heating device like an electric panel heater that is also aesthetically pleasing makes a very good choice for most homeowners.

While offering quick and noiseless heating they successfully maintain the required temperature you set for them.

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