Best Fireplace Tool Sets

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Best Fireplace Tool Sets

Fireplace tools are essential components needed to use and clean an indoor fireplace. In order to make the buying process as easy as possible for consumers, most tool manufacturers will sell fireplace tool sets which include the four most common fireplace tools packaged with a matching tool stand.

When shopping for a fireplace tool set, there are several factors to take into account.

Fireplaces are things of beauty as well as a source of warmth on a cold winter night. They can be simple in design with clean lines and plain mantels. They can also be extremely ornate with detailed trim work and elaborate mantel designs. Regardless of how simple or ornate your fireplace may be, one of the keys to keeping it functional, as well as beautiful, is with a proper set of fireplace tools. They not only make maintaining your fireplace much easier, they can also serve as beautiful accessories by the side of your fireplace.

What Is a Fireplace Tool Set?

A fireplace tool set is a collection of items used to operate and maintain a fireplace. They are usually found in five piece sets which include a fire poker, tongs, a shovel, a brush, and a tool stand to hold them all securely in one place.

Some sets include only four pieces and do not include the brush. Aside from the primary set of tools, some sets may also have a matching ash bucket or pail that can be purchased separately. The pail may or may not come with its own shovel.

Most sets of fireplace tools are made from brass or wrought iron. Other metals, including stainless steel, nickel, and pewter, are also sometimes used.

Tool sets, just like the fireplaces they are used on, can range from very simple in design to highly detailed and ornate.

What Does Each Piece Do?

Fireplace Poker

A fireplace poker is one of the most essential tools in the set. Sometimes referred to as a stoker, fire pokers are long poles made of metal with a handle on one end.

The poker has a pointed end combined with a curved hook on the end of the rod. The pointed end is used for pushing burning logs in the fireplace, while the curved end is used to pull firewood forward.

A fireplace poker can also be used in the same manner for older, coal burning fireplaces. By adjusting the positions of the logs or coals, you can increase the amount of fuel available to the fire, also called stoking the fire.

Fireplace Tongs

Fireplace tongs can be found in a variety of styles but their basic function is the same regardless of their design. While a fire poker can be used to adjust burning logs or not coals in a fireplace, tongs are designed to be able to lift and move these items as needed.

Tongs can also be used to add new logs onto the fire while still being able to maintain a safe distance from the fire itself.

Most fireplace tongs are made in a scissor design which allows you to open and close two clamps at the end of the device by manipulating the tong handles. This allows you to grasp and release the logs or coals.

Fireplace Shovel

A fireplace shovel is also called a spade. It is essentially true to its name and appears and functions as a simple small shovel. This item was used outdoors to dig pits in the dirt to build fires in as well as shovel dirt onto the fire when it was done in order to put it out quicker.

Shovels are typically used in indoor fireplaces to remove the ashes from a fireplace when it is being cleaned out. Aside from the standard size shovels included with tool sets, smaller shovels are often packaged with ash buckets and pails as well.

Fireplace Brush

A fireplace brush, also called a broom, is simply a fairly stiff bristled device used for cleaning purposes. It is first used to knock loose ash and debris from the fireplace grate and walls.

Then, in conjunction with the fireplace shovel, it can be used to remove the remaining ash from the floor of the fireplace.

Tool Stands & Sizing

The individual components of the tool set are stored in a tool stand, typically resembling a small coat tree with individual hooks or holders for each separate tool. The sets typically come in three sizes, miniature, standard, and tall. These three size ranges are designed to be the ideal size for nearly any fireplace.

Custom built fireplaces, which are typically larger, may require a custom set of tools to ensure the length of the individual components, primarily the poker, are long enough to safely manipulate the fire without any safety risks.

Having a complete set of tools alongside your fireplace can make starting and maintaining fires much easier as well as greatly reducing the time and effort involved in cleaning the fireplace itself.

Set Components

Standard fireplace tool set include five pieces, a shovel, broom, fire poker, and tongs, all held in a matching tool stand. The fire poker is used to move logs or coals back and forth in the fireplace. The fireplace tongs are designed to lift logs and coals into the fireplace or remove items from it. The shovel and brush are used in conjunction with one another for cleaning purposes. Occasionally, smaller tool sets are sold that don’t include the brush whose purpose is easily accomplished by a standard broom or cleaning brush. Some additional pieces that can be purchased separately include a matching ash bucket and a coordinating fireplace screen. This allows consumers to have full matching accessory sets for their fireplace.

Available Design Options

The majority of fireplace tool sets are composed of wrought iron or brass. These materials are not only extremely durable, they also don’t conduct heat as rapidly as other metals.

This allows them to stay cooler to the touch for a longer period of time when in direct contact with the high temperatures in a fireplace.

Both wrought iron and brass can be very beautiful in appearance, with wrought iron traditionally used for a more vintage appearance and brass for more modern designs.

Tool sets also come in various sizes in order to accommodate their ease of use with smaller fireplaces as well as larger ones.

Extra tall sets are designed to work better with larger fireplaces that require tools with a longer reach. Miniature sets are perfect for small fireplaces in guest rooms or other small areas since they won’t visually overpower the fireplace itself and the extra tool length isn’t necessary.

Most consumers, however, will choose a standard size set for their fireplace as they are designed to work with the more common residential fireplace sizes.

Fireplace tool sets come in an array of styles and designs which makes finding the perfect set to match your fireplace, overall décor, and personal tastes a breeze.

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