Holmes Quartz Heaters Guide

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HOLMES Quartz Tower Heater

Holmes Quartz Heaters Guide

If you are on the market for a portable heater, there are several factors to take into consideration before making your purchase.

The size of the room you wish to heat can play a major role in what type of unit will work best for you, as will personal preference regarding the types of heat you prefer.

Reputation is also a consideration when it comes to selecting a manufacturer.

Holmes heaters, for example, are currently the most popular brand name on the market, known for their production quality and affordability.

Using one of the most effective heating technologies on the market, the current line of Holmes quartz heaters, are some of the most demanded consumer choices and the ones that typically receive the highest satisfaction ratings.

What Is A Holmes Quartz Heater?

A quartz heater may seem unheard of for most consumers, even though it is one of the most popular styles on the market. To most people, a quartz heater is better known as an infrared heater.

While infrared technology can utilize a variety of heating elements aside from quartz, including ceramic and metal, quartz remains the most widely used.

Quartz is not only extremely durable, it is also the most energy efficient of all the elements used for infrared heating.

What Are The Benefits Of A Homes Quartz Heater?

The way an infrared heater works allows it to be the most cost effective method of portable heating available. Relying on electromagnetic technology, an infrared heater uses light as a heat source.

This light, however, is only found on the portion of the light spectrum invisible to the human eye. Once the infrared light some in contact with the quartz, or other element, it increases the temperature of that object, thereby causing the object to emit radiated heat, increasing the temperature of the objects surrounding it.

Unlike other forms of portable heating which increase the air temperature of the room, an infrared heater focuses on specific objects in the room, such as you yourself.

This specific heating, as opposed to general heating created by other portable units, allows the infrared heater to run on a much more efficient and effective basis.

What If I Prefer Holmes Fan Heaters?

There are , in fact, a number of hybrid infrared heaters in the Homes family of products as well. These unique devices combine the efficiency of infrared heating with the increased square footage that can be heated using fan heaters.

The quartz heating element is still used to provide immediate heat to the objects surrounding it via infrared technology, however, a fan component merged into the unit allows the heater to radiate heat to the surrounding area via air temperature increase as well.

While these units may not be as cost effective as a true type of infrared heater, they do offer the best of both worlds when it comes to effectiveness and spatial capacity.

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