How Do Propane Pool Heaters Work?

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How Do Propane Pool Heaters Work?

One of the best things about the warmer months of the year is being able to have a BBQ on your deck and enjoy the fun and relaxation of your backyard pool. The cooler months, however, tend to severely restrict the amount of time you are able to actually enjoy the benefits of having a pool.

While most people do realize that an outdoor propane heater can help keep your patio or deck warm, even during the colder times of year, few consumers realize that propane technology can heat your pool as well.

In fact, propane pool heaters are ideal for quick heating needs as well as being easy to maintain and cost effective to run.

How Do They Work?

Similar to a traditional propane heater, a propane pool heater works on the principle of utilizing the heat created when burning propane gas comes in contact with a heating element.

With propane pool filters, this heat is transferred to the water supply, which is then pushed back into the pool to allow cool water to circulate into the heating unit.

Since the propane heater tends to bring the water temperature to an overall higher temperature than needed, as it mixes with the cooler water, the temperature begins to balance out to a more comfortable level.

This method of over heating the water not only helps shorten the time span it takes to heat the entire pool, due to the fact that only a fraction of the water needs to be super heated as opposed to the entire pool volume, it also decreases the amount of time the heater has to operate, reducing costs and maintenance frequency on the unit.

When Should I Use One?

The primary downside to propane pool heaters is that they are not designed for everyday use. Instead, a propane heater is ideal for warming the pool during the cooler months, when it will only be used on an occasional or semi-regular basis.

It can also come in handy when you need the pool heated quickly and cant wait for a traditional heat pump or solar heating system to warm the entire pool.

Propane pool heaters are affordable enough to justify owning one as a supplemental means of heating your pool when needed. They can also be run at the same time as your primary heating device, reducing the time to heat the pool while also cutting back the amount of time that the primary heating system has to operate.

Propane pool heaters are also ideal for hot tubs and spas.

Since these units have such a small volume and square footage, a propane heater can heat them in just a matter of minutes. Essentially, a propane pool heater gives you the ability to enjoy both your pool and hot tub year round.

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