How to Clean a Reusable Home Air Filter

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cleaning air conditioner filter

How to Clean a Reusable Home Air Filter

One of the most crucial maintenance procedures you can do in your home is performing regularly scheduled cleanings of your central hear and air conditioner unit.

More importantly, by changing your air conditioner filters on a scheduled basis, determined by the type of filter being used, you can not only improve the energy efficiency of your unit, you can also help to ensure the quality of air in your home is being kept at the highest standards possible.

Many people will use the filter changing schedule to perform any needed cleaning of the air conditioner itself as well.

If you prefer to save costs and reduce your carbon footprint, there are a selection of permanent air conditioner filters on the market.

While it may seem like a labor intensive chore, cleaning air conditioner filters is rather simple.

Why Shouldn’t I Just Replace My Filter?

The majority of consumers do prefer disposable air conditioner filters for their central ac units. They are easy to install, easy to remove, and easy to replace.

Permanent filters, however, are a bit different. Using the same schedule determined by the manufacturer, the filter is removed form the unit and cleaned.

For the most part, this is as simple as washing the filter off with a hose to remove any dust or debris that has collected on it and leaving it out for an hour or so to air dry. The filter then gets placed back into the unit and is ready to go.

Is It Really That Simple?

For regular light cleanings, a quick spray with the hose is all it takes to keep your filter clean.

Most manufacturers do, however, recommend a slightly more intensive cleaning at least twice a year, typically right before you begin running your heat in the Fall and Winter and then again when you get ready to begin running the cooling system during the Spring and Fall.

During these cleanings, after the filter has been rinsed off, it should also be treated with some type of antibacterial cleaner. This will not only help to ensure the filter is being thoroughly cleaned, it will also prevent the buildup of any bacteria or mold on the filter that can accumulate over time.

Once it has been sprayed down with the cleaner, it can simply remain outside to air dry as normal.

While waiting for the filter to dry, many consumers will take the time to dust or vacuum the vent cover as well as the area surrounding the air filter.

This extra cleaning step helps prevent any serious buildup from occurring around the filter that could cause an adverse effect on air quality.

how to clean metal air filter

Cleaning a metal air filter is no different than any other sort of home AC filter. Just follow the same steps as above and you’ll have a nice clean air filter to keep your home’s air as clean and dust free as possible.

Just remember to let the filter dry out completely before placing it back into the AC unit as to avoid rust.

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